It is called Venus and is a limited collection of 4 pieces. Inspired by the figure and history of the Goddess Venus, known as the goddess of love, beauty and fertility in Roman mythology, who was worshipped and celebrated in many Roman festivals and religious myths, this Goddess has a direct relationship with the Onyx Stone, material used in our Venus Collection jewelry. Legend has it that Cupid, while the goddess Venus slept, cut all her nails and scattered them over the earth, so that no part of her body would ever disappear. As time went by, these became hard and are today known as Onyx Stones.

In addition, onyx stones have the ability to absorb negative energies and transform them into positive ones, clean our aura and promote strength and perseverance, perfect remedy to overcome a bad love affair!

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Cuenta la leyenda que Cupido, mientras la diosa Venus dormía, le cortó todas sus uñas y las esparció por la tierra, para que ninguna parte del cuerpo de ella desapareciera jamás. Con el paso del tiempo, estas se volvieron duras y son las hoy conocidas como Piedras Onix. 

Además, las piedras ónix tienen la capacidad de absorber las energías negativas y transformarlas en positivas, limpiar nuestro aura y promover la fuerza y la perseverancia, ¡perfecto remedio para superar un mal de amores!

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