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The Okavango Delta is an unusual case of delta, in the sense that this river does not flow into the sea. The area contains the largest populations of species, and is flooded for months by torrential rains. The Okavango Delta is home to the only population of swimming lions; they are forced to enter the water, which during floods covers 70% of their territory, to hunt antelopes such as the impala. Okavango is inspired by the night skies of the Okavango Delta. Open skies sprinkled with bright stars, night noises in the form of roars and the imperturbable tranquility of the jewel of Africa.

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En el delta del Okavango existe la única población de leones nadadores; éstos se ven forzados a entrar en el agua, que durante las crecidas llega a cubrir el 70% de su territorio, para cazar antílopes como los impalas. Okavango está inspirada en los cielos nocturnos del delta del okavango. Cielos abiertos espolvoreados de brillantes estrellas, ruidos nocturnos en forma de rugidos y la imperturbable tranquilidad de la joya de Africa. 

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